Byzantine sundial-cum-calendar, 5th-6th century

The most exceptional feature of this sundial-cum-calendar is its sheer antiquity. The four fragments are all that remain of a portable sundial combined with a calendar driven by gears.

Why are you staring at me like that? I told you, I’m fine. Why can’t they understand that I’m alright? Stop staring me with pitying eyes like that!

You wanted me to stop whining, to stop crying, to stop complaining, to stop being sad. Tears make me look weak and pathetic, they said, you said. So from now, I’ll keep smiling, smiling ‘till the day I die.

…But why aren’t you happy? You said you wanted it, so I’ll do it for you. I’ll do anything for you to be pleased. No matter what, I’ll keep being happy, even when I feel hollow inside.

And after you left me, what I didn’t notice is a single tear that fell from my eye.


Pranee’s Thai: The End of the Road in Hana

After a long road trip, finding such amazing food feels surreal.

Top photo: Crispy Opaka with Green Mango

Bottom left: Sign for Pranee’s

Bottom right: Pranee


The top comment on the Lincoln trailer on YouTube.

Challenge accepted.

Continuity Polaroid of actress Shelley Duvall on the Apartment Bathroom set of The Shining.


Life is a series of suicides, divorces, promises broken, children smashed, whatever.

- Love Streams (John Cassavetes, 1984)


Bacon Number



idk if you’d like this but I can’t help but think it was the perfect caption

im fuckin cryiin


Installation view of Yayoi Kusama (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, July 12-September 30,2012). Photograph by Sheldan C. Collins

Details L to R: Accumulation No.2 (1962), Bronze Coat (1962), and Flower Overcoat (1964).


A 100-times magnified view of the glandular gastric mucosa of a mouse.

Image by Dr. Marian Miller, University of Cincinnati.